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Q4: What can be done if someone is sick in bed for a very long time and feels hopeless about life?

A: Even when we are lying in bed at hospital and receiving care from medical professionals and family members, we can still help others. How can we help? By reciting the Buddha's name. There are so many people in the hospital, but how many of them know about reciting Buddha's name? Reciting the Buddha's name not only calms our own mind, but also serves as a spiritual practice of meritorious virtue. When you are bored lying in a bed with nothing to do, you can recite the Buddha's name more often. Before going to bed to sleep, join your palms together and dedicate the merit: "Amitabha Buddha of loving-kindness and compassion, now I am dedicating the merit of today's recitation to every bodhisattva practitioner in the hospital, wishing them a speedy recovery." By continuously generating good thoughts and wishing blessings for others, you are helping them in another way, even while being confined to bed. This shows that you can still help others. Having the ability to bless others is the greatest happiness.

The value of life does not lie in its length, but in its meaning. Life is limited, and human birth is hard to attain. As long as we are still breathing, each and every day of cultivation brings corresponding merits. Therefore, seize every moment and recite Amitabha Buddha's name whenever we have the time.


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Resource: Issue 380 of Life Magazine, Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation
Photos: Issue 380 of Life Magazine, Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation 
(Photos painted by 劉建志)
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Editing: Keith Brown,
Chia-cheng Chang (張家誠)