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Chan Meditation Roadmap

My approach is different from the approach used in China’s Chan Halls. In Chinese Chan, there is no exercise other than periods of fast walking to break up longer periods of still, silent sitting meditation. I have combined in my teaching this Chinese technique of fast walking with the Theravada practice of slow walking. I also use yoga from India and Taiji and massage from China in my teaching. Westerners seem to like and respond well to this variety and the mix of stillness and motion.”– from

Global Buddhist Community

In 1998 and 2003, Master Sheng Yen visited Saint Petersburg and Moscow respectively to give guidance for local Buddhist practitioners, introducing Chan teachings into Russia. Over the past 19 years, how have his Russian disciples helped spread the seeds of Chan Buddhism and progressed with their practice?

Special Topics

Isolation is when there is great social distance between people and people do not care about or interact with one another. For example, in a modern family couple may work in different professions and the children in school are at different levels...

Dharma Words for the Heart

Hikers know that there are no passage roads in a virgin forest; however, a road will open up when you pull away the grass, thorns and wisteria. Swimmers know that there are no paths in the water, but as you swim you will create your own path. The roads

Chan and Modern Life

People who cannot connect themselves with the outside world in terms of space and time, who do not understand cause and effect, and causes and conditions, will feel lonely.

Experience Sharing

Those who are anxious cannot reach samadhi nor attain enlightenment; their worry and impatience drives them to continually compare themselves with others, which in turn generates a mind of gain and loss. You should not compare yourself with others