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Q4: Are prayer beads or counters necessary when reciting the Buddha's name?

A: Prayer beads or a counter are highly recommended for beginners who have yet to develop their habit of reciting the Buddha's name. Firstly, they conveniently keep tabs on an individual's progress in completing their daily objective counts. However,  more importantly, the deliberate action of the fingers moving the beads may serve as a quick reminder to focus on the recitation, should the mind stray. The functions of reminding and counting complement each other, making it easier to be mindful of the Buddha's name.

Once we have developed the habit of recitation anytime and anywhere, and our body, speech and mind are continually immersed in the Buddha's name, then keeping tabs is no longer necessary.

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Q4: Are prayer beads or counters necessary when reciting the Buddha's name?

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Resource: Issue 392 of Life Magazine, Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation
Photos: Ying-hsueh Kao (高鶯雪)
Translation: Bright Su 
Editing: Cheng-yu Chang (張振郁), Keith Brown